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Thanks for visiting my website! I paint for fun and created it to share some of my pieces. If you really love a piece some paintings shown are available to buy so drop me a message. I am also currently open to commissions. Enjoy!



I am a self-taught artist from Herefordshire and have loved making a mess since I was young. For me, picking up a paintbrush calms the soul and allows me to escape, lost in another world of creativity inspired by things I see. I mainly work in acrylic but enjoy watercolour and other mediums.


I love to paint things that make me happy so animals, sunsets, and big pieces of metal in the sky... shaped like a plane or helicopter. I began painting when I was young and recieved an A* for GCSE Fine Art. A level Art seemed complicated so I studied Environmental Science and continued painting in my spare time whilst at uni.

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