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Who am I?

Thanks for visiting my website! I paint for fun and created this site to share some of my pieces. Some limited edition prints are available to purchase, as are a few originals.


Where did I start?

Ever since I was young I have loved creating things. For me, picking up a paintbrush allows me to get lost in another world of creativity inspired by things I see. I studied art until GCSE where I received an A*, but decided A level Art was too complex so took an environmental route. Whilst studying Environmental Science at the University of York, when I wasn't busy being a student I continued painting on the side. My friends began to challenge me to paint all sorts of requests including many pet portraits. Over time I've built up a collection and branched out to other subjects.

Why the combination of cute things and fighter jets?

If you've seen my work at one of the shows the contrast is peculiar and rather unusual. However, there is a link... during Uni I joined the RAF reserves and have always loved watching things fly, so why not paint them?

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